5 Benefits of Same-Day Deliveries for Startups

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You must ensure excellent customer service to survive in today’s dynamic economy. And undoubtedly an essential aspect of that is a reliable courier and delivery service.


The PwC global consumer insights survey highlighted that 42% of the customers deemed fast delivery to be among the top three factors they look for when shopping online.

Here’s how same-day delivery can help boost your startup.


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As a new business, your aim is to gain active customers. You can achieve this goal by providing top-notch customer service, like including quicker deliveries to your customers. Customers will not have to wait for days for their shipment to arrive. And this convenience will motivate them to order more from you.


Today, the market is cluttered with new businesses emerging every day. At the start of 2020, there were about 6 million privately registered businesses in the UK. To survive in this environment, you have to stay on top. Offer ease and benefits like reward points and same day collection and delivery services to your customers to keep on thriving.


To become a trusted household name, you would have to ensure smooth transactions with your customers. Seamless transaction facilitates in converting every new consumer into a loyal one. Loyal customers can then turn into brand evangelists who help in bringing new customers on board. Offering perks like loyalty points and the convenience of shorter lead times could help you in that regard.


As a business, you are no alien to the idea that your customer is at the core of your business. Customers’ ease and convenience should always be your top priority. Customers are always looking for quicker and easier solutions. And providing them with same-day delivery is the best way to enhance their overall experience with you.


While taking 2 to 3 days to ship your package may seem economical in trucking and freight costs, it adds to your inventory management and warehousing. You can minimize this cost by having courier collection and delivery service overnight or within a day’s time.


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