Top 7 Packaging Designs That Are Trending in 2021

Product packaging is one of the most important aspects of a business’s supply chain operation. With more and more companies upgrading their packaging style, there’s no doubt that good packaging is the much-needed makeover for your product. Keep reading to learn about some of the trending packaging designs in 2021 from a reputable logistic company in Nottingham. 1. Earthy...

July 24, 2021July 24, 2021by

How Packaging Can Affect Your Business

The packaging that you use for your products will not only affect how the customer perceives what you’re selling, but it could also be the difference between a sale or no sale.   In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when choosing your packaging materials and design. Aesthetically Pleasing but...

July 5, 2021June 15, 2021by

Why Courier Services Are Essential to Online Businesses

If you’re an online business, managing timely and safe deliveries is essential to you. With more than 6 million businesses registered in the UK as of 2020, it’s crucial to make your logistics more efficient.   However, you do not need to worry about this if you decide to partner up with a trusted courier service...

June 30, 2021June 15, 2021by

5 Benefits of Same-Day Deliveries for Startups

You must ensure excellent customer service to survive in today’s dynamic economy. And undoubtedly an essential aspect of that is a reliable courier and delivery service.   The PwC global consumer insights survey highlighted that 42% of the customers deemed fast delivery to be among the top three factors they look for when shopping online. Here’s...

June 20, 2021June 15, 2021by

Crucial Elements of Logistics That Every Manager Should Know

Logistics management aims to reduce costs, increase production rates, boost efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to partner up with a logistics company, here are some basic elements that you should know about:   1. Warehouse and Storage  Manufacturers often supply more goods as compared to the consumption rate. There leads to an imbalance...

June 19, 2021June 5, 2021by

How Does Packaging Affect Consumers?

While age-old wisdom tells us not to judge a book by its cover, 7 out of 10 customers agree that a product’s packaging can influence their purchasing decisions. With globalization and innovation at their peak, brands, both big and small, are using aesthetics as a way to influence consumers. They believe that visual elements can help...

June 15, 2021June 5, 2021by

Why Is Inventory Control Essential to Maximize Profitability?

The main focus of businesses worldwide is to drive sales and boost revenue and profits. However, if your business offers goods instead of services, you know how challenging inventory management can be. But why is it important? Inventory control and management go way beyond the warehouse and affect the way a customer views your business....

June 11, 2021June 5, 2021by