Consumer Products

When you label your consumer products, the label must include accurate information that’s true and not misleading. Labels need to cover vital aspects regarding your consumer product like what you’ve claimed it can do, the various organizations and companies that have endorsed it, what materials the product is made of, its cost, and its size or quantity.

At N & A Logistics, we’ve taken massive measures to ensure we cover all the requirements for labelling consumer products in the UK as required by the government. We help you ensure your packages are stored, labelled, and delivered appropriately to help you run your business smoothly and effectively.

For products that could be dangerous, you must have those products labelled as such. There are additional, more specific requirements for various businesses depending on the sector they operate. Some sectors are for those who sell, manufacture, or distribute footwear, products for children, and precious metals. Food and drinks have their unique requirements, too.

For retailers, they must showcase the goods’ price and include taxes where they apply. Even if the good is a single item sold loosely, it must contain the cost associated. Only metric measures are required and used for these practices, including measurements in litres, centimetres, kilograms, etc.

However, there are certain exceptions to this metric measurement rule. For example, beer is sold using pints. So this rule doesn’t apply to beer.

As a seller, distributor, or manufacturer of goods, you should be well aware that you can face prosecution and other legal action if your business’ labelling practice doesn’t follow these strict rules.

Let’s discuss the footwear industry, for example. For England, Wales, and Scotland, footwear needs to be labelled with the primary materials used.

The fact is that logistics is a science, and we at N & A Logistics have nailed it down, so you don’t have to worry as a business owner. First, our highly trained employees will navigate and identify the most suitable packaging required for your consumer products. Then, we use the best options to package your products safely and in line with the various government requirements for consumer products. Not only will we efficiently package it for optimum safety, but we’ll customize the packaging depending on your specific industry, business, and product requirements.

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