Food & Beverages

At N & A Logistics, we provide high-quality packaging, storage, and delivery logistics for your food products in the United Kingdom. Our highly trained team will first evaluate your specific food business’ products, the niche you operate in, and government requirements regarding packaging your unique food items. We provide 100% professionalism and use advanced labelling protocols to keep track of your inventory, no matter how large it is.

Every item of pre-packaged food needs to have specific data and information communicated on it in the UK. Every label on a said item of food must be accurate to the T and not be vague or misleading in any way.

Factually, many food items even contain product-specific requirements and regulations. Some examples of such food items include infant formula, honey, marmalade and jam, fish, spreadable fats, foods with genetic modification (GM), and many more.


By law, the food packaging must contain:

  • The food’s name
  • Ingredients list
  • Any information on allergens
  • A quantitative declaration of ingredients (GUID)
  • Net quantity
  • Date labelling and storage conditions
  • The manufacturer’s address and name
  • The country of origin or provenance for the food or beverage
  • Preparation instructions
  • Nutritional declaration
  • Additional labelling requirements include telling the consumer whether the food contains sugars, sweeteners, caffeine, liquorice, polyols, food colouring, etc.

Additionally, food in the UK needs to meet specific criteria when it comes to its labelling. There are minimum font sizes and surface area to font size ratio requirements. If the total surface area of the package is no more than 80 squared centimetres, an x-height of 0.9mm is compatible.

While all mandatory information must be communicated using numbers and words, it can also be conveyed using various symbols and pictograms.

a man with a packaged box

If pictograms and symbols are utilized, they must fulfil the state’s requirements as well. The illustrations must be convenient to see, challenging to remove, and easily readable if necessary. They shouldn’t be hidden, blurred, or interrupted by other irrelevant texts or pictures. Finally, the consumer shouldn’t have to open the product completely to access the information.

While you may think you’ll be out of the woods when it comes to food that doesn’t fall into the “prepacked food” category, think again. Even non-prepacked food has a laundry list of specific labelling requirements.

Non-prepacked food includes food that’s sold readily in food markets as “loose,” prepacked for direct sale food (PPDS) such as sandwiches from a food vendor, food that’s packed on the same premises as the sale on the customer’s request, and other foods that aren’t sold prepacked.

At N & A Logistics, we provide high-quality packaging options that meet all of these requirements for our many clients in the food and beverage industry and more. We understand that these requirements can get taxing and confusing for food vendors and others who want to sell their food and beverage products. That’s why we provide 100% support and accurate labelling to identify and protect your food and beverage goods correctly.

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