Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

When packaging medicine, certain specific information must be communicated to consumers and healthcare professionals in the UK. We at N & A Logistics understand all the requirements for pharmaceutical packaging in the UK to streamline the entire logistics process.

The requirements are understandably rigid because these medicines impact one’s health and can often be life-saving. Unfortunately, they can also be life-threatening if such pharmaceuticals are poorly handled, stored, and packaged.

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The MHRA is in charge of approving all the medicines and pharmaceuticals sold in the United Kingdom. If the label is incomplete and doesn’t contain all the required information for patients, the medication must have a patient information leaflet (PIL).

While PILs are separate from labels themselves, even PILs have their unique labelling requirements.

Patient information leaflets must be included in every medicine. They need to be easy to read and comprehend and shouldn’t have any information or data for specific people. This requirement also applies to staff members’ names and digital signatures of any kind.

PILs are evaluated on their colours, fonts used, text sizes, and informational layout to ensure everything is readable and usable for healthcare professionals and patients who need the item.

When it comes to medicines in the UK, their labelling must be unambiguous. Both patients and healthcare providers need to conveniently identify the pharmaceutical and its properties and characteristics by the label printed on it. All the required information must be printed directly on the packaging. Over-labelling is strictly not allowed for packaging when it comes to healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, warnings must be included for any products that contain Paracetamol. These warnings are statutory warnings. Other medicines also require that the labelling facility have specific labels for them.

Did you know that labelling also requires a section in Braille? Believe it or not, those who are blind or have partial sight need medicine too. So, to cater to them, a division of the PILs must be written in Braille. Braille is unique because it can also be on printed areas of the package. It’s still usable as long as the text is still visible and apparent.

Packaging should also be child-resistant. When medicine is packaged this way, it’s challenging for small kids to open the medication and pharmaceuticals, but it’s still straightforward for adults. Child-resistant packaging is required when the drug includes Paracetamol, Aspirin, and 24+ mg of elemental iron.

At N & A Logistics, we deeply understand all the ins and outs of packaging pharmaceuticals and medicine for the healthcare industry, particularly during this challenging time when healthcare professionals and patients need medications now more than ever.

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