How Does Packaging Affect Consumers?

A coca-cola can near a laptop screen.

While age-old wisdom tells us not to judge a book by its cover, 7 out of 10 customers agree that a product’s packaging can influence their purchasing decisions. With globalization and innovation at their peak, brands, both big and small, are using aesthetics as a way to influence consumers. They believe that visual elements can help customers connect with their brand on an emotional level.

Coca Cola and the Iconic Red and White Colour Scheme

When you look at a red soda can, what comes to mind? Coco-Cola is one of the biggest drink companies that’s driven sales and increased brand awareness via their packaging and iconic colour scheme. People worldwide can identify a can of Coca-Cola and recognize the brand for its white scripted text on a bright red background. The way in which you package your product can help develop brand loyalty. Adding uniformity and grouping all your products with one identifiable element helps your brand stand out among the rest.

Some Brands Choose Minimalism 

While some brands may choose striking colours, loud designs, and creative logos, others focus on highlighting what’s “inside” the box. Brands mask their quality levels with aesthetic packaging, but this, however, does increase customer loyalty. Let’s take brands like Apple, for example, plain white boxes open up to an avenue of technological creativity. From HD camera and voice recognition to face recognition and even live messaging, the opportunities are endless. However, all of this is packaged in a clean, crisp, pristine white box topped with the iconic silver apple logo. Customers know that what’s inside the box is worth more than what’s presented outside, which why there are over 1.4 billion actives devices in the world!

A yellow iPhone 11 in a white box

Colour Psychology 

Colour plays a massive role in influencing customer purchases. This isn’t only a visual element but is psychological and triggers various emotions and feelings in the human body and mind. For example, red evokes passion and energy, blue speaks volumes of trust and loyalty, and pink is all about being playful and romantic. Customers then link these emotions to the brand, which builds a connection and strengthens the relationship.


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