How Shipping Services Became ‘Essential’ During COVID-19?

A Deliveryman Loading Boxes in A Van

Courier services took a back seat to in-store purchases before that fateful November of 2019 when we came across the first confirmed COVID-19 case. Ecommerce, above everything, rose right alongside the positivity rate, but it could not have done so without wheels—specifically, those of the shipping industry.

Here’s how the world switched to online shopping as a result of stay-at-home orders across the British Isles.

Avoiding Crowds

Getting essential items shipped—unless they are needed on short notice, in which case, overnight courier services have become the new norm.

Asda and Tesco have also done their part by limiting the number of people granted entry into their premises at the same time.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping before coronavirus was a highly personal experience. People took their time to check the best-by date before making any purchases, opting for better-looking potatoes and longer cucumbers.

However, now we are all doing the errand that used to take us at least an hour of perusing within minutes over our phones and getting it delivered to our homes.

In fact, just last Christmas, an extra 5.7 million households chose to order their holiday grocery online and had it delivered to their doorstep.

The Storefront of a Closed Shop

Buying Essential Products

Essential businesses like pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, and air travel may be allowed amidst the pandemic, but people have avoided buying first-hand purchase of their products.

This includes household products like detergent, toilet cleaner, and dishwashing liquids; toiletries like hand and body wash, shampoo and conditioners, sanitary products for women and shaving products for men; prescription and over-the-counter medicine.

Buying Non-essential Products

Non-essential products like clothes, jewellery, digital devices, and books have seen an uptick in online transactions since the virus stormed into the UK.

Primark has suffered during this time because it refused to trade in its offline crown to online buying and has therefore suffered massive monetary loss, but every other brand continued to thrive, thanks to shipping services.

Going Contactless

Stores went completely contactless with their payments when it was found that cash was a super-spreader of the virus.

In contrast,courier services did their own thing by suspending digitized signatures of the recipients and going analogue by having drivers jot down their name and exact time of delivery.

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