Order Fulfilment

We at N & A Logistics expertly fulfil orders for our customers daily and within specified time frames. We offer same-day collection and order fulfilment services for when tomorrow is too late for our customers. Goods can be collected from their location within 30 minutes and delivered shortly afterwards.

Through our expert order fulfilment services, we can make sure optimal safety during package fulfilment. Our highly trained and experienced drivers ensure your packages are delivered securely to the receiving party. We offer multi-stop delivery and fulfilment, completing 150+ stops for packages every day, all within the confines of a two-hour window for deliveries. We deliver and fulfil more than 2300 packages and provide 14 vans to complete operations and fulfilments with our service partner.

a woman delivering a package

If you’re looking for a same-day logistics and order fulfilment service in Derby and Nottingham, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that having a package delivered can be cumbersome for our customers if they don’t know the status or updates on their packages. We provide regular notifications, updates, and fulfilment tracking information in real-time to ease this anxiety and frustration. Using these services, our highly valued customers can receive messages on their package fulfilments, know the exact locations of their parcels, and know when to be ready to receive urgent packages. We provide 1-hour updates and notifications before arrival, but we also offer our customers the option to opt-in for 15-minute updates and notifications. Using this feature in our order fulfilment services in Nottingham and Derby, our customers can know exactly when they must be ready to receive the items that are being delivered.

When our customers require their deliveries for parcels to be completed within a specific period, we’ve got them covered. That is why we offer same-day order fulfilment services in Derby and Nottingham. Our timed order fulfilment services keep our customers significantly happy and satisfied. Our unique e-deliver application covers e-integrated route planning for our customers and convenient online tracking capabilities. Through our dedicated amenities with our order fulfilment services, we regularly ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Even if you require overnight order fulfilment services, we have the resources to make your deliveries happen overnight! Our overnight delivery option is a special feature we provide to make deliveries safely through the night to reach their destination by or before morning. If you deal with perishable goods or high-value items, we’ve catered this service for you specifically.

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