Top 7 Packaging Designs That Are Trending in 2021

A girl with her same day delivery package

Product packaging is one of the most important aspects of a business’s supply chain operation.

With more and more companies upgrading their packaging style, there’s no doubt that good packaging is the much-needed makeover for your product.

Keep reading to learn about some of the trending packaging designs in 2021 from a reputable logistic company in Nottingham.

1. Earthy & Neutral Tones

A packaging design with a minimalistic appeal

Minimalism is in and everyone’s going for it. Neutral tones and earthy colours are your best bet to create a minimalistic packaging design.

Pick any shade of brown, off-white, green, or blue to get started.

2. Textured Packaging

No one can deny the importance of touch. That’s why many packaging designs use textured packaging.

Though, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with texture, just focusing on the feel of the packaging does wonders.

You can do so by adding a gold foil or pasting confetti, or anything that invokes a pleasant response in your customer.

3. Modern Illustrations

A water packaging with modern illustration

One of the biggest trends of 2021 has been modern illustrations.

Illustrations are the best way to create appeal and add a touch of excitement.

1. Creative Storytelling

The best way to talk about your product is through your packaging.

Make use of your storytelling skills and tell a brand story with your packaging because who doesn’t love a good story?

We bet your customers will not only remember your story but your product too.

2. Vintage Packaging

You can teleport your customers to the older times through an ultimate vintage packaging unboxing experience.

Use brown and pastel shades with old-school fonts for a vintage look.

3. Abstract Design Packaging

Another trending design today is abstract packaging.

It heavily relies on illustrations, unique typography, and vibrant colours to create a powerful abstract design packaging.

Gen-Z and millennials are usually attracted by creative and visually attractive packaging designs.



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